Software Development Methodologies

Customized creation strategies to fit use cases and requirements.

Proof of Concept Development

A common approach used by companies to assess the viability of a software product or solution for solving a particular business need. A prototype is developed which may then be used to:

  • Demonstrate usefulness of the solution, and
  • Seek additional resources for a full fledged product.

Implemented through an SOW process, typically in response to an RFP, this helps in the realization of methods or ideas to demonstrate feasibility.

Why outsource?

Having access to a team of developers means we can build something fit for purpose, on time and within budget. This is necessary for large enterprise-grade applications that are used by millions of users.

We do not want to distract in-house talent from critical long-term application development attached to key performance metrics.

Building proof of concepts and testing hypotheses requires additional research, which may not yield additional knowledge and distracts the in-house development team from core business applications.

Our Expertise


Data Cleansing and Enrichment

Reference Data Management

Taxonomy and Product Data

Business Intelligence

ETL and Data Integration

Reporting and Analytics


Machine Learning

Statistical ML and Decision Making

Classification and Clustering

Deep Learning

Application Development


SQL/NoSql Database Development

Angular, HTML, CSS Web Development

Technologies we work on

Our typical technologies are based on what our clients love and use, for easy integration into their existing ecosystem.

.net Stack

using Sql Server and Web API for enterprise-grade production application.

Python and R

for data analysis, machine learning and rapid application development.


and HTML5/CSS3 for web-based front end.


for Big Data analytics, reporting and very-large transactional data hosting.